Current Church Conference is the NEW Annual Conference of the Northwestern Association of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC). This is about providing our local churches and church leaders with an annual gathering to inspire renewal, growth, and to enhance our shared mission.

The conference is not exclusive to Baptists from our Association, and not exclusive to Baptists period. Anyone from any Christian Church is welcome to register and take part. 

A few years ago, we found our Association meetings were not well attended nor of great value to those who did attend. We opted to create the Current Church Conference as a new expression of our Association for a new day.

All of our Association business is conducted in one annual meeting on the Saturday morning of the Current Church weekend.

Pastors - please invite your people personally to take part in the weekend. Promotional materials will be sent out to churches mid-February. We want to see Church treasurers, board members, youth workers, children's ministry volunteers,  and others in attendance. We also offer a youth leadership track. 

This is not just for pastors - workshops are designed to offer training in a variety of areas of ministry.

our next conference:

WHEN: APRIL 26-27, 2019
WHERE: Woodstock Baptist Church, Woodstock NB, Canada